Snapseed App

snapseed photo appAs numerous photo-editing applications start to appear on various platforms in the internet, one cannot easily find the application that suits the lifestyle of many mobile users, especially Instagram users. And with high-tech gadgets continuing to cater latest mega-pixel integrated camera, most photo-editing application struggle to edge the performance offered by most smart phones.

But on the long run, software developers have seen this agony among users in choosing an outstanding photo-editing app. So by understanding the consumers’ needs, they have released an application that ought to solve that problem.

Under the name Snapseed, people are given power to alter photos anytime. Crop, brush, rotate, and fix spots in their favourite photos before they should share them on the Internet.

Snapseed is a sophisticated photo editing app that gives user a whole new experience in handling photos. It produces high-quality photos that can be equally competitive against the captured photos of professional photographers. With its unique gesture-based interface, users could easily apply effects and filters on their photos, and even manipulate its orientation and size as needed.

The plus sign sitting in the bottom-right corner is the most important button on the main screen. It opens a wide-selection of efficient editing tools and filters that engages the users to find adjustments in an incredible level of control.

Among the selection of editing tools included in the application are Crop, Lens Blur, Tune Image, Transform Tool, Vignette, and Spot Repair, to name a few.

As Snapseed continues to settle on its reputation as a streamline application geared towards enhancing photos, the application still continues to improve its design and feature. It gives users more choices in producing expert-wise photos. This photo-editing app ranked 3rd in the top 5 best free Photo Editing for iPhone and Android, according to


For photo editing enthusiasts out there that wants an application that can improve their photos into a polish and professional quality of work, Snapseed delivers ease in manipulating photos. It proves that editing can be achieved through practice with one good app.


To weigh the benefits and disadvantages of this application, here is a short list created by that you should work out in your own experience through the app.



Rotate photos

Crop photos by just dragging the box where you want it

Brighten photos



Features were removed in latest update

Edited photos took time to be transferred in phone storage

No black and white filter