Autodesk Pixlr Mobile

pixlr-photo-editorAutodesk Pixlr Mobile is filled with edit options to apply on your photos. The menu is full of tools to adjust the appearance of photos, add borders, and stickers. With its latest update, it introduced several features such as Made With Pixlr that will lead you to its online community and Eraser tool.  As a caution, neophytes may still have difficulties as there’s no readily available walkthrough in the app but eventually navigating through it will prove fulfilling.


Selecting Photo


Once you open Autodesk Pixlr Mobile you may choose to use the app’s camera, to select photo from your device’s gallery, or create a collage. For inspiration you may also opt to first view sample works by clicking Made With Pixlr at the lower most portion of the interface. If you choose to use the camera, you can already start picking pre-capture effects (simple black and white, sepia, etc.) or overlays (geometric patterns, night sky, etc.) by simply swiping to try each one.




The collection of tools includes the following:

– Crop tool – you may opt to crop manually or use the app’s built in crop ratios;

– Rotate tool – hover over the options or/and the slider to adjust photo’s perspective;

– Double exposure – add a photo and adjust its opacity (long press your photo to preview the original);

– Adjustment – includes hue, vibrance, highlights, and the usual tools to tone photo;

– Autofix and Auto Contrast;

– Blur whole photo or just a portion by simply using the Eraser on the upper left corner and make the blur circular or lineal;

– Smooth or Sharpen, Heal, Splash (more like fill color), and Red Eye.


For the Brushes, choose to either brighten or darken areas, pixelate it, or plainly put doodles over.


One of Autodesk Pixlr Mobile’s edges is the Overlay button brimming with options. Use default, creative, soft, subtle, or vintage. Access Collage from the initial interface and select 2 to 25 photos!  If you still want to edit, find the edit button (third from the upper left portion).




On Android, Pixlr shares to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and via any installed app. The iOS version shares to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Mail and you can opt to resize image before sharing.


User Reviews


The user reviews over the IOS App Store is too few but it is extremely divided between satisfied users and those who are not.




Autodesk Pixlr Mobile exceeds expectations. The free version alone delivers many options that you don’t feel limited at all. Perhaps, the only limit is you can only share one picture at a time. Difficulties and confusion may arise at first but it is worth the time to navigate the app.