PicsArt Photo Studio

Bored with just making collages, adding stickers, and inserting texts to your photos? Then, use PicsArt Photo Studio that is brimming with great photo editing tools such as brush filters and text and image overlays to make that mundane photo interesting or even deep.

Navigating the app

Once you open PicsArt Photo Studio an arrow will appear saying “Tap to start creating.” Click it and you now have the option to either Edit your photos on device; to make a Collage out of your photos; to use the Camera; or even Draw! In addition, if you can’t just choose from the multitude of your photos on your device. You can also open photos from Dropbox, Picasa, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, or Google.

Edit Buttons

After selecting a photo, you can edit it by selecting any of the following buttons:

First, the Tool button will offer you the basic and unique editing features like Crop, Flip, Resize, and Curves. With the Perspective button you can make your photo tilt sideways to left or right, or forward.

Second, the Effect button offers FX (a new feature), Blur, Artistic, Pop Art, Paper, Distort, Colors, and Corrections. Substantially, the said features can change the theme and feel of your photos depending on your mood or how you want others to perceive it. Make it nostalgic, melancholic, or jolly.

Third, the Add Photo button, which, of course, allows you to add photo/s to the one you’re currently editing and put it anywhere in your previous photo and choose how big or small you like it to appear.

Fourth and fifth, the Square Fit and Border button pretty much works the same.

Sixth, the Mask button is pretty much an interesting button. Remember that movie poster that fed you with envy? Mask buttons offers sub buttons called Lights and Bokeh to add flare. Have a picture in the metro at dusk? Apply lights to add movement and continuity. It is just up to you how to make it work.

Seventh, if you are confident in your drawing skills, Draw button is the one for you. Add that personal touch to your photo by engraving in your masterpiece or trademark. Fret not if you think you lack drawing skills because shapes and stickers are available too.

Eight, if drawing can’t spin your creativity then the Clipart button will.

User Reviews

Mix reviews of PicsArt Photo Studio are present online ranging from positive like being the best photo app, abundant features, and good user interface to negative such as bugs, crashes, and problems with launching.


Android users can share it via PicsArt Photo Studio community, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, WhatsApp, and email. IOS users can share it via the same apps available to Android users but with the addition of Tumblr and iCloud Photo Sharing.