Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor ProPhoto Editor Pro: Getting The Job Done Just Right!

Smartphones and handheld devices for techies nowadays wouldn’t be complete without a photo editing app installed. Social media presence means a lot for many people and getting their photos enhanced before being uploaded or shared online has become a necessity. Unfortunately, not all are experts when it comes to photo editing or have access to editing apps meant for pros. This is where Photo Editor Pro proves to be very useful.

It is a lightweight photo editing app currently available through Google Play which contains basic tools for splashing, filtering, sharpening, blurring, and color balancing. The app itself is designed for those who have zero to very little photo editing experience and skills. This is apparent on how the user interface has been designed. Everything has been simplified so that even “non-techies” can produce satisfactorily edited images while using their phone cameras.

Some of the features of Photo Editor Pro which are seen as advantageous by users include the following:

  • Very minimal system requirements and small download size – The app’s installer is just a mere 7.1 MB which can downloaded within a few minutes even when on 3G internet connection.
  • One-tap enhancer – Allows a user to take pictures, edit, and share images without any hassles. Brightness, sharpness, and color levels are automatically adjusted so that images will be ready for social media sharing in a jiffy.
  • Fast photo editing – Access to the phone’s gallery is given easily and there are no distracting options that can take the user anywhere else. Applying edited effects takes only a few seconds. File saving can also be done with ease.

Of course, since this Photo Editor Pro has been designed to be simple, it comes with certain limitations that are seen by users as disadvantageous for them. These are enumerated below:

  • Presence of too many ads – This is to be expected for an app which is available for free on Google Play. Seeing these ads popping up at the moment a user is about to edit images definitely spoils the fun.
  • Additional downloads are required – This is for the stickers and frames. These aren’t included in the original installation bundle and need to be downloaded separately. The same thing is true for additional collage templates.
  • Setting adjustment option isn’t available – This would have been very handy for those who are looking for more things that they can do with the provided features of the app.

If you are looking for an image editing app that mixes simplicity and power in terms of features and tools, Photo Editor Pro is perfect for you. Those with advanced photo editing skills may find this app too basic but as mentioned above, it can deliver what it promises. In the end, this app will prove to be worthy of being downloaded and installed!