Photo Editor

Photo editing software is nothing new. There are many desktop editing tools out there that are either stand-alone or bundled as part of a fuller suite of tools. These products can be extremely powerful with lots of features.

With the take up of hand-held devices there is an ever increasing quality of image creation on these phones. There is a major growth in local installed apps that can handle various aspects of photo editing. These apps target particular requirements and usually come with features that are second to none. As always it’s worth checking out reviews for these apps to make sure they live up to expectations.

The main reason apps like PicLab are so popular is because of our desire to create great likeable images. You can take a quick snap on your phone, load an app, edit the image and share with all your friends. All from the same phone.

Typical with an image editing app like PicLab you can adjust the photo brightness and its saturation. You can also tackle the contrast, blur, and even the exposure.

The neat thing about PicLab and similar editing apps is that you can overlay stylish text on the images and create textures. You can do things like create borders and place artwork on to the images.

All this functionality and more means that an everyday uninspiring photograph can become a work of art, or a styled content rich image.

Piclab Photo Editor Screen

One of the beauties of using an photo editing app over a desktop version is cost. Desktop software can be quite expensive, but some apps are free. Most apps come with add-ons that you need to buy. But these are usually quite cheap and work out to be a fraction of the cost compared to a desktop software suite.

Finally, an important feature of an Android app is that it is possible to  install on to a laptop, PC or Mac using an Android emulator.  So in reality all you would ever need is a cost effective app like PicLab for both phone and PC.