facetune-appFine Tune it with Facetune

From the traditional portraits to the advent of selfies, people will always want to perfect their look. However it is hard to find an app that really focuses on giving the perfect portrait. Then, Facetune enters the picture. Some might be hesitant to purchase a paid application but this one is worth the money if what you’re after is to look like a professional model. 

Selecting the subject photo

With Facetune you can select photos from your device or open your camera from within the app.


Whatever facial feature you are unhappy with, through the sleight of your fingertips you can precisely perform edits.

You almost had the perfect smile but there’s some discoloration with your teeth, Facetune has a feature to whiten teeth. Your eyes look like death eaters had sucked out its life, then, you can brighten those eyes and even correct that red-eye. To further perfect your look, patch out the dark circles over your eyes. And if the presence of blemishes and wrinkles are ruining your photo, you can remove it by using patch features. Now, all that’s left is to reshape your face if you feel too thin or just gained weight.

Sophisticated users who want to do more are given an array of options like eye color alteration, putting on makeup, removing grey hair or covering a bald spot. As usual, custom filters are available but users are given the option to apply it in whole or just over a portion of the photo.

A premier feature of Facetune is the Defocus tool. With it you can blur the background; hence, the focus will be solely on you.

With just one tap, you can review your work and compare it with the original. New users may have difficulties using it at first but its website provides tutorials. However, if you simply want to share photos without much editing there’s Instagram. But if you want professional looking photos without using complicated applications, Facetune is for you.


You can only share individual photos via email, Facebook, Instagram, or any application on your device. If using iOS, additional options are Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

User Reviews

No user reviews are available yet for the current version of the application for ipad and iphone users. However, android users are of mix stance about the application. Some users had been disappointed that a paid application failed to meet their expectations (some commented that it keeps on crashing and it distorts the photo). On the other side, positive reviews state that it is easy to use. It gives the user more control.