Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate App logoPinguo’s Camera360 Ultimate is one of the top-rated camera apps in the smartphone market. It is packed with a wide array of fantastic camera effects and editing tools in a simple and straightforward interface. It offers many essential tools for both novice and advanced smartphone users that will surely enhance their camera experience.

Key Features:

  • Filter Management. This app boasts of over 100 specially designed Classic Filters. The filter management function lets users prioritize their favorite filters for maximum convenience in fulfilling their creative vision. The ability to save or delete filters will surely satisfy users’ personal preferences.
  • Advanced Editing Tools. Camera360 Ultimate offers a surprisingly wide range of editing tools that will rival most paid apps. The adjustment tools include Crop, Rotate, Sharpness, Saturation, and other effects that are accessible with great ease. Even novice users can maximize their photo’s visual effect just by moving their fingers around the app.
  • Intuitive User Interface. Options to adjust camera and filter settings are easily accessible from the get-go. The slew of available options such as sound and quality settings, photo size, autofocus, and location recording maximize customization and user satisfaction. The app also allows users to share their photos through various social media platforms with great ease.
  • Cloud Service. This app offers users the ability to securely store and manage photos through its cloud service. Simply login on the Camera360 Cloud and users can enjoy smooth and smart photo management with features such as Safety Sync and Lifetime Storage.
  • Versatile Camera. Camera360 Ultimate is one of the world’s leading camera apps for a reason. It offers camera features that both novice and professional users alike will surely appreciate. Advanced features such as the ability to integrate multiple camera modes, manually adjust exposure, and aperture adjustments provide users with a powerful photography experience.


Camera360 Ultimate is definitely a must-try photo editing app for all smartphone users who enjoy taking and enhancing pictures.


  • This app is so easy to use that even users with no prior experience in smartphone photography and editing can learn to take advantage of the multiple features it offers.
  • Tons of downloadable packs which include additional effects, filters, and scenes to add to the already massive selection of default camera effects allow users to stretch their creative limits.
  • The app is free to download for both iOS and Android users.



  • Feature-rich apps such as this tend to slow down from time to time.
  • This app is a dedicated camera app and lacks certain functionalities of an image editor.