BlueStacks Lets You Run PicLab on a PC

One the most frustrating aspects of running an app can be working on a small screen for a length of time.  Any photo editing tool will have both image and controls on the screen, so it would be ideal if sometimes those photos could be edited on a PC.  Working on a large monitor is sometimes the only option for the detailed work you want to carry out.

Apps don’t install directly on a PC or Mac, but there is a way around this.

BlueStacks is an incredibly easy to install Android emulator for either a PC or Mac.  For quite some time BlueStacks has been considered the leader in Android emulation.

When installed  BlueStacks becomes just another program on your PC, so you can continue to use the PC as required without having to close the emulator.

Just download and install PicLab within BlueStacks and immediately start editing within a large view, easy to control environment.

Download BlueStacks HERE