Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android EmulatorAll the talk is about BlueStacks but there is a relatively new player on the scene called Andy Android Emulator.

Whereas BlueStacks allows the use to run Android apps in a player, Andy Android Emulator offers a completely full integrated Android experience for both Windows or Mac operating systems.  There is a bridge required between desktop and mobile computing and this achieves that.

Andy Android Emulator is a completely free installation which runs Android 4.2.2 KitKat. The virtual machine allows full screen mode. The user can have a 100% Android experience, or resize to sit within other applications and windows.

Andy Android Emulator does come with a couple of innovative features which are worth mentioning.

The Android phone has the ability to be used as a remote control and touch screen for the main Windows or Mac screen. If you are playing games the phone can tilt as required!

Apps, including PicLab can be accessed direct from the desktop. Switch files between Android and Windows using a shared folder and Android’s ES File Explorer. Also get get push notifications from Android in Windows.

The next release will reportedly have the feature to set keyboard shortcuts.

The potential downside to Andy Android Emulator is that it is pretty heavy on resources. You need at least 4Gb RAM. Having said that this is a completely free Android emulator so worth investigation.

Download Andy Android Emulator HERE