What is PicLab Online App?

piclab online appHaving a smartphone with the latest mega-pixel integrated camera I was looking for a suitable photo editing app to use.  I was not just looking for a tool to edit but something I could use to personalise and even label my photographs.  I was also looking for something I could use to share the photographs with friends and family. There are plenty of apps out there but after some research the one I’ve tried and not looked back from is the free PicLab online app. If  you are looking for a great free image editing app where you can not only edit your pictures but create great looking custom text overlaying the image then PicLab App is a great choice to download.  There is also a paid version recently released called PicLab HD.

PicLab App is a free photo editing and typography app for both beginners and professionals.  In its simplest form the PicLab App allows you to add typography, special effects and masks to your photographs.  PicLab App then gives the function to share the photos across social media.

What gives PicLab its edge is the fantastic typography and artwork.  The fonts are created by professional and talented designers sourced from all around the world.  Text can be added in multiple layers, with total control over position , size, opacity, color and rotation.

Piclab online app ops                                        Piclab Screen








PicLab App releases monthly updates of fantastic artwork, overlays and stickers that can be readily used on any of your photos with a simple to use set of tools.

PicLab Photo Editor is an intuitive, easy to use app with an abundance of features.  Apart from the typography and artwork PicLab App comprises of

  • Overlays and Masks – create shapes borders, textures and more. There is a growing collection to choose from.
  • Photo filters – a growing base of filters for the images
  • Photo effects – a typical toolset to adjust photography effects such as brightness, contract, saturation, blur and exposure
  • Collage tool – the app comes equipped with a collection of unique collages making photo collections fun.
  • Drawing tool – you can scribble notes, label, identify or create captions for your photographs.

There are various installation options for the PicLab App.  There is PicLab App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  The app is also available to download for PicLab App for Android and PicLab online version for PC.

The languages supported by PicLab App are English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.